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  • Nurtured: Health Benefits of Raw Milk
    As you may have heard, Soil Friends now has a dairy cow! Meet Pam.. she is such a sweetheart! What is Raw Milk? Raw milk is as fresh as it gets, straight from the cow’s udder to the bottle, to the fridge! It is also known as ‘unpasteurized’, which means it does not undergo ‘pasteurization’, […]
  • Weekly Photoblog – August 19th 2016
  • Weekly CSA Recipes!
    Hello everyone! In this week’s CSA share box we have: Apples Tomatoes Yellow Onion Shallots Purple Striped Bell Pepper Green Bell Pepper Sweet Peppers Spaghetti Squash Summer Squash Zucchini Cucumber Pumpkin Red Potatoes And here’s some yummy recipes to get you inspired! Spaghetti Squash “Carbonara” (by Emeril Legasse) Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Frittata (by […]
  • Community Supported Agriculture – Information for 2017! 10% discount Through October!
    We grow what you want to eat! Interested in getting the best, and prettiest produce from our farm and other local farms? Ask us about our 2017 CSA program! We are currently accepting new shareholders, but hurry, because space is limited! Early-bird discount We are offering a 10% discount through September and October, so be […]
  • Photo Highlights Summer ’16
  • Weekly CSA Recipes
    Hello everyone! In this week’s CSA share box we have: Delicata & Cousa Squash Celery Red & Green Cabbage Red & Sweet Onion Potatoes Garlic Shallots Tri-color Beans Lacianto Kale Pears Purple Eggplant Green Cucumbers Sweet Corn Roma Tomatoes Watermelon And here’s some yummy recipes to get you inspired! Pear Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream […]
  • Weekly CSA Recipes
    Hello everyone! In this week’s CSA share box we have: Bell Peppers Sweet Peppers Pickling Cucumbers White Cucumber Eggplant Tomatoes Green Beans Red Potatoes Kale Peaches Red Onion Sweet Onion Cantaloupe And here’s some yummy recipes to get you inspired! Upside-Down Tomato Tart (by Ally Phillips) Lebanese Style Stuffed Eggplant (by Mellisa Roberts) Crispy Roasted […]
  • Weekly Photoblog – August 19th 2016
  • Weekly Photoblog – August 1st 2016
  • Weekly CSA Box Recipes
    Hello everyone! In this week’s CSA share box we have: Sweet onions Shallots Spring (green) onions Bell Peppers Pickling Cucumbers Eggplant Tomatoes Garlic Blueberries Yellow Beans Bok Choy Cabbage And here’s some yummy recipes to get you inspired! Garlic Dill Pickles (by Elanor Topp and Margaret Howard) Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Ginger and Garlic (by […]
  • Weekly CSA Box Recipes
    Hello everyone! In this week’s CSA share box we have: Sweet onions Spring (green) onions Bell Peppers Sweet Peppers Cucumbers Summer Squash Zucchini Egg Plant Garlic Broccoli Blueberries Green Beans Tomatillos Bag of Tomatoes (seconds for processing), A few Jalapenos and a bag of Tortilla Chips – Stay tuned for our fresh salsa post this […]
  • Weekly Photoblog – July 20th 2016
  • Weekly CSA Box Recipes
    Hello everyone! In this week’s CSA share box we have: White bulb onions Spring (green) onions Red potatoes Cucumbers Summer Squash Zucchini Garlic Green Beans Tomatoes Blueberries Kale And here’s some yummy recipes to get you inspired! Zucchini Pancakes (by Ina Garten) Garlic Mashed Red-skinned Potatoes (by Sunny Anderson) Spring Onion Soup (by Martha Stewart) […]
  • Biofortification: Growing for Nutrition Density
    What is Biofortification? Great question! Like humans, plants also require a healthy and balanced diet of necessary nutrients. Biofortification is the practice of making sure our plants are fully fed and happy, and it is the main focus here at Soil Friends. Through a variety of means, we ensure each food item we sell from […]
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – June 24th, 2016
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – Ice Cream Social – June 18th 2016
  • Treat Dad early! Come to our Strawberry Ice Cream Social on Saturday!
    Announcing our first annual Strawberry Ice Cream Social! Spring is waning and we’re coming into the action-packed summer months here at the farm! We would like to invite you out to meet us and to share in our bounty. This Saturday, we’re hosting an ice cream social at our Farm Market! Check out the event […]
  • Strawberry Comparison ’16
    We knew our strawberries were going to be delicious this season, but wow! These things explode with flavor! When you grow with nutrition in mind, flavor is the side effect. This side by side comparison with some supermarket (California) strawberries should help sway you. But if you decide to taste them, it will be all […]
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – May 31st 2016
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – May 22nd 2016
  • Kitchen Guide: Asparagus 5 ways!
    Cleaning and preparing fresh Asparagus When bringing home farm-fresh Asparagus, it’s important to always give it a rinse to remove any dirt and grit from the stalks that may be left over from harvest. Rinse lightly under cool water and roll them on a paper towel to dry. When you’re ready to cook, you’ll want to […]
  • Planted now! May 2016
    This time of year in Michigan is notorious for inclement weather, and this season is no different, but we’re not letting that stop us! We’ve been busy this spring at Soil Friends and we have lots of crops planted, it will be a bountiful harvest season!
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – May 12th 2016
  • Farm Fresh Offerings: May 7th-8th 2016
    This weekend at the farm we have fresh flowers, asparagus, eggs, and Michigan honey and maple syrup! Come out and say hi!
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – May 3rd 2016
  • Planting Cover Crops for Nutrient Density
    Introducing: Cover Crops Much like any all-star band or sports team, nutrient-dense food has a hugely diverse cast of characters working behind the scenes to ensure every performance is tip top. In nature, this sort of happens automatically, billions of years of ecological evolution has ensured it. Visit a healthy wild grassland ecosystem like you […]
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – April 27th 2016
  • Weekly PhotoBlog – April 14th 2016
  • Growing Tomatoes- Foliar Feeding Tomatoes With Kwazar Backpack Spayer
    A backpack sprayer that works is one that is a loved on a farm! We have all had experiences with sprayers that have a hard time working correctly! Thats why its worth taking the time to learn about Kwazar Sprayers! Kwazar Sprayers are Soil Friends choice for sprayers you can trust to rely on. We […]
  • Do The Grocery Retailers You Shop At Have The Best Produce Selection?
    Organic food is great for the fact of environmentally clean crop production but is it the most nutrient dense produce we can consume? Are retailers catching on to this and is organic produce the solution for a healthiest life you can live? A few things to think about follow, this just gives you more to […]
  • Raised Garden Beds- Properly Compost Your Beds
    When starting seeds in a garden or planting transplants, you always want a nice seed bed. Compaction of the soil is the enemy in your garden, so remember that when making your raised garden beds. There is no right or wrong way of making raised garden beds, some vegetable growers prefer to make raised beds […]
  • Soil Farmers- What Are You Buying At The Farmers Market?
    Soil- The break down of bed rock into mineral components  sand, silk, clay What are soil farmers? Soil farmers understand that the soil is alive and certain applications can stop the biology in the soil.  The applications from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and inorganic fertilizers is killing off a chunk of soil biology each application. When […]
  • Growing Tomatoes with Heirloom Seeds
    [vslider name=”heirloom_slider”] Seeds are being started in the greenhouse for commercial vegetable growers and its time for garden ideas to be planned for your vegetable garden. One of the best garden ideas can come from the learning about heirloom seeds. When planning on growing tomatoes, selecting the tomato varieties to grow can be overwhelming with […]
  • 10 Tips for Growing A Nutritious Garden
    Growing a healthy garden is fun! Home grown produce taste great with high levels of nutrition and of higher quality than most produce that people are familiar with. All food is not created equal, why not take a shot at growing a garden to feed your family the best food? You can significantly increase your […]
  • The Best Backpack Sprayer- Kwazar Backpack Sprayer is Built To Last
    Looking for a backpack sprayer that will last year after year?  You will love the Neptune backpack sprayer because Kwazar Sprayers are built to last. Often refereed to as a Knapsack Sprayer, this sprayer has the option for left or right attachment of the pump handle, adjustable shoulder straps and clip for maintaing comfortable positioning. The […]
  • How to Take a Soil Sample- Get your Soil Biology Working
    The video above from Dr. Elaine Ingram is a great video serioes to save in your book marks if you need to remember tips on taking soil samples. Watch video 7 – How to take a soil sample It is important to understand how to properly take a soil sample in order for your analysis […]
  • Kwazar Garden Sprayers- The Perfect Garden Sprayer For Gardeners
    Our first year that we started growing produce by the acre, I quickly learned that a quality garden sprayer was something that could save our farm time. I found not only could a quality garden sprayer save us time, but It could save Soil Friends money on product that were being wasted due to problems […]
  • Planting Onions For Market- Timing for Starting Seeds
    Have you ever planted onions as transplants: We have done this the past few years with success!  We have planted onions in the field for the past few years from transplants. We start them in 200 count trays, our  first seeds this year around the second week of February for the growing season. Remember we are […]
  • How to Grow Tomatoes For The Farmers Market- Flavor Sells
    Greenhouse tomatoes, fresh market, heirloom, paste, cherry, grape, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers; the choices are almost endless when it comes to growing tomatoes, peppers or even eggplant. In all instances though, an essential goal is to produce high yield with outstanding taste and shelf life. Accomplish those goals and the rewards can be great. […]
  • How to Grow Onions- What is a Sweet Onion?
    Among produce crops, onions and members of the Allium family (onions, garlic, shallots, leeks and chives) are somewhat unique in their growth habits and fertility requirements. Onions are the third largest fresh vegetable industry in the United States, with an annual per capita consumption of about 20 pounds and growing. ISP has worked with more […]
  • The Fight For Local Farmers – Why You Should Support Your Farmers Now
    If the idea of not having access to nutrient dense foods at farmers markets sounds frightening to you, then your thinking like we are. Not Going To Let It Happen? We have to educate ourselves and not get shoved around when it comes to situations like this. The truth is its happening all over the […]
  • Why Some Grocers Are Banning Candy in Checkouts- Generation of Change
    Retailers in the U.K. are helping parents make it easier for healthy choices while shopping. The U.K. is ahead of the United States with health requirements for their food. For example it is illegal to grow GMO crops in some countries. The change from grocers like Lidl U.K comes from the idea that families shopping […]
  • Are you interested in growing healthy produce?
    In vegetable production we would rather not see it rain! Is that strange to hear? There is a good chance of it being strange if drench your garden plants with overhead irrigation. We do not want the foliage to get wet! When we foliar feed all we need is a fine mist to quickly buzz […]
  • Foliar feeding for quality crop production 101
    Stress free crops have the highest nutritional yields with higher quality and better flavor. I have seen foliar feeding in management practices over the past few years give farmers a better understanding of growing crops. It gives a grower a chance to learn what plants do from perspective of plant frame and fruit set development. […]
  • Kwazar Sprayers are made to last- Why are they the best sprayers on the market?
    We have worked hard to bring experience, education and the highest quality products we can find to the market. We offer a range of products designed to meet a variety of needs and conditions, and we help you select the management program to serve your operation best. We have ample experience with most of the […]
  • Starting A Vegetable Garden
    We wanted to share this video to pass on the information from Jonathan Foley, he shows how desperately we need to begin “terraculture” — farming for the whole planet. Growing up in Michigan I could not imagine water from the great lakes disappearing but the fact is things like this are happening all over the […]
  • Why are the best gardens grown with heirloom seeds?
    When growing food our thoughts should be to start out with seeds that have the potential for maximum nutritional content. Future generations depend on the actions that we take to create a food culture for the feature. This food culture needs environmentally clean, healthier food production with better flavor. Do you ever wonder why some […]
  • 5 Principles of foliar feeding for healthier food production
  • How to create a design for growing vegetables
    When Farmers are not working, they are thinking what to do to do next. The video attached is from one of our trail farms in Michigan. We set up small zones for drip line fertilization practices. This idea is currently used in both small scale and commercial agriculture production. Growers using drip irrigation can plant […]
  • Growing environmentally clean nutrient dense foods
    One acre of vegetable production can produce tons of food, if properly managed the nutrient content in the food will be higher that most produce sold at supermarkets. Lets plan for our 2014 growing season to plant only what we can properly manage. When this mindset is applied the food brought to the table is […]
  • Why is ecological farming a growing success?
    We believe that when it comes to growing crops Mother Nature is in control of production, its always a good idea to mimic her as much as possible in order to reap rewards from the efforts we put into growing. A great way have a successful garden is to start with an ecological approach of […]
  • Produce Growers Corner
    Here we go down the last mile of the 2013 season. This year had its challenges and disappointments for some, but we must remember that every year brings its own unique blessings and adversities. Our spring started off wet across most of the area we cover, causing compaction and less than ideal growing conditions. We saw […]
  • Does Foliar Feeding Work?- How To Get A Return On Your Investment
    We teach that foliar feeding with our products always improves nutrition of the crop, and if calcium levels in the soil are good, there is an excellent chance you will also see a yield increase. We received many phone calls from customers reporting that while their foliar fed hay did show a increase in yield, […]
  • Farmers Market- Soil Farmers Flavor The Market
    Shopping at farmers markets and roadside stands are great ways to meet farmers and ask questions about how the food was produced. Don’t be surprised if the farmers are able to give you great ideas for recipes with the ingredients they have for sale. They take this food home and feed it to their families […]
  • Multi Purpose Sprayer For Agriculture
    The demand for local and sustainable food is increasing as consumers are interested in food transparency . Being able to establish relationships through farmers markets is a great way for farmers to connect with their customers to meet their desires. As a customer at a farmers market you can influence the variety of crops the […]
  • Kwazar Mercury double action garden sprayer 101
    Foliar feeding plants is a great way to increase biological activity in the soil, this will encourage plants to uptake more minerals. When crops uptake more minerals the flavor is outstanding and storage ability increases.  The Kwazar Mercury garden sprayer has double action technology per stroke. The high quality design of the Kwazar garden sprayers […]
  • Consumers drive demand for cancer fighting foods
    Our best quest to find true health starts with the question “what can I do for myself”? Through experience and research with nutrient dense foods it obvious that the foods we consume are our therapy. Mother nature created an environment for our people to take care of themselves and when it comes to a creating […]
  • How to plant fall mums
    Some people choose to purchase potted fall mums year after year to give their homes the fall look. Planting mums in the ground before frost will give the roots time to get anchored down and to make it through the winter. Planting earlier in the fall will encourage maximum root development. A root growth stimulant […]
  • Cleaning Algae Growth in Hydroponic Farming- Indoor Garden Container Gardening
    Setting up a indoor garden is great but it takes a tremendous effort on our part to setup, let alone maintain it but we do it for the bounty of goods we plan to receive from it. We have seen the snowball effect of container gardening problems, its best to try to avoid even the […]
  • Foliar Feeding The Dream Vegetable Garden- Garden Soil Creates Flavor
    Horizons for this years big vegetable garden are for a bountiful harvest of nutrient dense foods from the spring through the fall. A healthy vegetable garden will produce higher yields and extend the garden season, if we can manage the vegetable garden them properly through adverse conditions. The weather outlook can change at times for […]
  • How Can We Get The Vegetable Garden Soil Ready For Spring?
    Another great spring of gardening is upon us for growing a vegetable garden,  if we took the crucial step before winter that will benefit our next growing season we are thinking about ways to till cover crops into the garden soil. Remember when planting your vegetable garden that soil will eat first. Lets get our […]
  • How to Start Seeds in Rockwool- Start Growing Tomatoes for your Vegetable Garden
    This time of year most of us are excited for spring and ready to spend some time outside in the garden. Garden ideas are best planned ahead of the growing season, the garden ideas we come up with now for an indoor garden will allow us to get a early start on the gardening season. […]