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Strawberry Comparison ’16

We knew our strawberries were going to be delicious this season, but wow! These things explode with flavor! When you grow with nutrition in mind, flavor is the side effect. This side by side comparison with some supermarket (California) strawberries should help sway you. But if you decide to taste them, it will be all over!

The rich, deep red is indicative of high concentrations of phytonutrients—including anthocyanins, ellagitannins, flavonols, terpenoids, and phenolic acids—it’s not surprising to find increasing research interest in the anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries! We achieve these nutrient contents by starting with healthy soil, and by ensuring the vital micronutrients the plant needs to produce these ruby red jewels are present in the plant’s diet throughout the growing season.

The supermarket berry is very firm – bordering on hard, dry, fibrous, chewy and packs a small punch in terms of flavor. It’s been picked before reaching peak ripeness, as the berries need to be very hard in order to survive the shipping process. The ripening stage is when the berry really starts to drink in nutrients from the plant, so picking them early results in low nutrient levels and as a result, low flavor levels. 🙁

Our berries are picked at peak ripeness, after the plant has delivered its nutrients to the fruit, which gives us the deep red color and big puddles of delicious juice. Keeping our food local means we don’t have to worry about our strawberries surviving a trip across the country in the back of a semi-trailer, just the trip home to your fridge. Well, I suppose that could be equally dangerous for these juicy little morsels.. better get an extra quart while they last!