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Treat Dad early! Come to our Strawberry Ice Cream Social on Saturday!

Announcing our first annual Strawberry Ice Cream Social!

Spring is waning and we’re coming into the action-packed summer months here at the farm! We would like to invite you out to meet us and to share in our bounty. This Saturday, we’re hosting an ice cream social at our Farm Market! Check out the event on Facebook for more information and to let all of your friends know where you’ll be the day before Father’s Day!

Strawberry Ice Cream Social

Local, fresh food!

Just because we’re eating ice cream doesn’t mean we can’t feel good about it! We will have local, fresh Moo-ville ice cream, and of course, the strawberries will travel about 100 yards from the farm to your ice cream bowl. The benefits of eating food where you grow it is that you can relate more closely to what you’re putting in your body. We feel good about that, even when it’s ice cream we’re eating!

Lots of fun activities, too!

  • Bouncehouse for the kids! Or small, spry adults!
  • Fun carnival / yard games
  • Feed cups for the goats, chickens and horses
  • Opportunity for fun photos

Shareholder benefits

If you’re a Soil Friends shareholder, we invite you to join us for the ice cream social at no cost! You are part of our family, and we feed our own! Also, as a token of our appreciation, we invite our shareholders to enjoy access to you-pick strawberries from our lush strawberry patch! Nothing beats eating a fresh berry right off of the plant, and we want to share this experience with you.