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Do The Grocery Retailers You Shop At Have The Best Produce Selection?

soil friends fresh produce

fresh produce soil friends

Organic food is great for the fact of environmentally clean crop production but is it the most nutrient dense produce we can consume? Are retailers catching on to this and is organic produce the solution for a healthiest life you can live? A few things to think about follow, this just gives you more to think into than just labels. Know your farmers and make sure the retailers you shop at do also!

• Liquid Fish- Primary form of fertilizer for many organic growers and what are people say about eating fish? (High mercury and metal, ocean pollution)
• Raw- cannot be cleaned (Other than environmental issues what about sanitation from production from tank transfers, processing etc.)
• Foliar feeding gets it on the fruit- Organic method of feeding the plant through the leaves

To be honest I see so much wrong and not healthy in food ingredients that this topic is particularly hard to pin-point what isn’t wrong! We should focus on what can we put in our body that is good for us! The only food label that should be on the table is a soil analysis from the farmer. Some Retailers are catching onto this and  are experiencing less food waste because quality vegetables do not rot. This mindset instead of what not to have and what we should ban, how about what we should add?

“Farmers With Healthy Soils Yield Vegetables With Superior Levels Of Nutrition, Flavor, and Storage Capability” 

• Extracts from fruits (Red Grapes, Berry’s- cancer fighting anti-angiogentic therapy, doesn’t give cancer a chance to grow)
• Cut down obesity rate- (Cancer likes fat areas) -Based on Dr. W.L ideas
• Energy and mental clarity- What lifestyle do you want to live?

The ones eating true health food typically are shopping around the main aisles of the grocery store. Raw foods don’t have much labeling to worry about! Keep in mind it is about nutrient density and getting the right amount of anionic minerals in your diet.

• Nutrient dense crops that are grown in an environmentally clean manner
• Raw Foods
• Keep researching and educating yourself

Grocery inventory  information can be found from Dr. William Li