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Planting Onions For Market- Timing for Starting Seeds

Have you ever planted onions as transplants: We have done this the past few years with success! 

Sweet Onions

We have planted onions in the field for the past few years from transplants. We start them in 200 count trays, our  first seeds this year around the second week of February for the growing season.

Remember we are in Michigan each state could be different.


Part of the reason we are planting seeds a bit later this year is the cost to heat the greenhouse to keep it warm, it could be done no problem but we are just taking our time in hopes of still planting in the Field in April. Last spring we planted onions and early tomatoes on May 1,  we hope to go in the field this year a bit earlier with our onions but it is dependent on weather conditions. As farmers we are optimistic, yet anything can happen so plan to be flexible while waiting for your farmers to bring in the sweet onion crop.

Soil Eats First!


Check out the video of how to plant a lot of onions ,We love the transplanter 🙂

We planted thousands onions last summer variety trials in 2013

ISP Tech Michigan Onion Trials

Make sure your onions start of with plenty of nitrogen as applications later in the season can be detrimental on bulb quality. Depending on your garden or commercial field layout you can plant onions about 9inches apart.

isp large onion feild


QUALITY ONIONS and Nutrient density. SWEET AND FULL OF GREAT FLAVOR. Enjoy Fresh onions all year around!

Give your customers flavor

Ask us for more information on growing onions in your vegetable garden!