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Soil Farmers- What Are You Buying At The Farmers Market?

growing bell peppers

growing bell peppers

Soil- The break down of bed rock into mineral components  sand, silk, clay

What are soil farmers?

Soil farmers understand that the soil is alive and certain applications can stop the biology in the soil.  The applications from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and inorganic fertilizers is killing off a chunk of soil biology each application. When the biology in the soil is not properly working do you think farmers are getting the ample amount of nutrients in their crops? The farmers with these type of applications will not have the highest quality vegetables at the farmers market, you can guarantee that!

Vegetables can be 1,000 times more nutritious from soil farmers 

 Local food is great but don’t get to caught up in the fact that local and fresh are the only option. You can buy local and fresh from a soil farmer who has the goal of growing produce in a soil biological manner. In the soil the bacteria, fungi, arthropods and beneficial nematodes that are used to feed plants must have the proper soil environment in order to function and preform proper nutrient cycling. This is done by farmers who use practices to always maintain and improve soil life, many practices in agriculture are not geared towards growing the most nutrient dense foods. So next time your shopping at the farmers market remember that.

Tilling does reduce Organic Matter from carbon from the surface area mixed in. The bacteria have a party and blow of 60-70% Organic Matter as CO2

Many small changes in management practices from farmers can help grow the high nutritional crops but it takes management. Don’t just buy vegetables from farmers markets because they are a farmer, ask them questions to learn if they are familiar with soil farming. Soil life is how nutrients move into the crop, when you take a step back at a soil farmers perspective  you notice.

“Plants are just energy conversion factories “