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Kwazar Garden Sprayers- The Perfect Garden Sprayer For Gardeners

kwazar hand pump sprayer gardener grows vegetable seeds
kwazar garden sprayer foliar feeding plants

Our first year that we started growing produce by the acre, I quickly learned that a quality garden sprayer was something that could save our farm time. I found not only could a quality garden sprayer save us time, but It could save Soil Friends money on product that were being wasted due to problems with the sprayers leaking and spraying “B- LINE STREAMS” at our plants. That stream doesn’t stick to the foliage of plants. Organic spray products for vegetable production are expensive and the lower quality sprayers we were using took time to get them to work properly and wasted a lot of product.

I was then introduced to foliar feeding my first year growing vegetables. At the time I had no idea that I wasn’t suppose to paint the entire plant with product, but to spray a fine mist over the top of the plants. I purchased my first Kwazar Sprayer a few weeks after learning about foliar feeding because other produce growers in the area were using Kwazar, because they are fine mist sprayers. I have personally owned my Kwazar sprayer for a few years before starting, its nice to not purchase a sprayer year after year. Kwazar garden sprayers are made to last and thats why Soil Friends sells Kwazar Sprayers!

Our goal as Soil Friends is to provided relevant education, information and resources to spread the growth and access of farmers and gardeners who want to grow not only environmentally clean but nutrient dense foods. Foliar feeding can help.

“When foliar feeding walk at walking speed spraying a fine mist above the plants, the cloud will then fall on top of the plant in a uniform manner”

Certain recipes in foliar feeding solutions can give farmers and gardeners increased yields by proving the plant with more energy at key physiological phases of crop growth. Foliar feeding can give the foliage a proper coating to protect itself from diseases, remember when spraying a fungicide that is killing all of the positive bacteria on the leaves surface potentially leaving the plant more susceptible to disease than when you first sprayed it.

Kwazar garden sprayer foliar feeding
Kwazar hand pump garden sprayer