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How to Take a Soil Sample- Get your Soil Biology Working

The video above from Dr. Elaine Ingram is a great video serioes to save in your book marks if you need to remember tips on taking soil samples. Watch video 7 – How to take a soil sample

It is important to understand how to properly take a soil sample in order for your analysis to reflect your soil conditions correctly. Many local agriculture extensions and laboratories around that country will perform a soil analysis for a charge.

This is the first step to having the ability to grow high quality food. Growers need to understand their soil characteristics and make economical changes according to what is possible. Without a soil test you are standing in the dark. Understand that not all soils can grow the same crops. Soil is sand, silk or clay and can change from field to field depending on how the mineral components of the bedrock are broken down.

Biology needs oxygen and often compaction is a major challenge in agriculture. No oxygen and no biology and we are in trouble ! Understand what you have to do in order to get your soil biology active!

Soilfriends understands that growers can have millions of friends in the soil working to build healthy soils, but we have to create the conditions in order for the biology to work properly. We need balanced soils but most importantly we need to understand the soil in order to design a soil program for a successful agriculture operation. Not all products can work with all soils and management roles should change to be compatible with the soil type a grower is working with.

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Take A Soil Sample Before You Plant Your Seeds

Take Your Soil Sample in the Fall!