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Growing Tomatoes with Heirloom Seeds

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Seeds are being started in the greenhouse for commercial vegetable growers and its time for garden ideas to be planned for your vegetable garden. One of the best garden ideas can come from the learning about heirloom seeds. When planning on growing tomatoes, selecting the tomato varieties to grow can be overwhelming with all of the varieties on the market. We are planning to continue making these choices easier for tomato growers by doing research on tomato varieties with Integrated Soil and Plant Technologies. The slider above are photos from past research trials by ISP Technologies on heirloom tomatoes.

We recommend the following heirloom seeds for growing tomatoes

1. Tiffen Mennonite

2. Big Rainbow

3. Ananas Noir

4. Great White

5. Dagma’s Perfection

6. Livingstone Favorite

When growing tomatoes with heirloom seeds the seeds can be saved when the fruit matures. The seeds can be taken from organic food and in this instance for growing tomatoes next season. What is great about growing tomatoes with heirloom seeds in your vegetable garden is the chance that quality will increase over the years without increasing production cost. The most important part for success when growing tomatoes is having properly managed garden soil. The garden soil should be tested and balanced properly for growing tomatoes. Each year the tomato varieties will have a chance to adapt to the microclimate they are grown.

 Taking the approach to permaculture starts with growing heirloom seeds in healthy garden soil to ensure disease resistance. When growing a vegetable garden with heirloom seeds, make sure to continue building soil fertility with organic farming methods. A garden free of diseases and pathogens will allow growers and gardeners to harvest from vegetable gardens without the use of chemicals  and will ensure fruit for the seed saving process. The flavor from growing tomatoes in healthy garden soil from heirloom seeds is the answer for flavorful and nutrient dense food.

Planting  a vegetable garden with heirloom seeds fits well with permaculture. What is permaculture?

“Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems ” source-