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The Fight For Local Farmers – Why You Should Support Your Farmers Now

If the idea of not having access to nutrient dense foods at farmers markets sounds frightening to you, then your thinking like we are. Not Going To Let It Happen? We have to educate ourselves and not get shoved around when it comes to situations like this. The truth is its happening all over the country. Michigan Commission of Agriculture & Rural Development is an example of a current situation that is trying to make changes that are not right. If these changes are made it will make access to local food products in Michigan much more difficult, while taking same farmers out of business.

The situation is two proposed changes in the 2014 Draft Site Selection & Manure Management Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices.

“The Site Selection GAAMP requirements applicable to the smallest of farms. Even a home with one chicken would be required to meet the setbacks of this GAAMP. This change would likely abolish any keeping of livestock, even flocks of less than a dozen chickens or one bee hive, in most urban settings because the setbacks would be difficult or impossible to meet there. We believe that this is unnecessary over-regulation that could be avoided by leaving the definition of “livestock production facility” just as it is, or at a minimum, making it applicable at a reasonable number of animal units”.  Michelle Halley- Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Luckily for the health of us there are great people like Randy and his family from Shady Grove Farm along with Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, who are willing to voice their opinions on what they know they have a right to do. Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund:

“Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting
consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods”.
Freshly picked and sold :)
Freshly picked and sold fresh from a local farmer 🙂

Nutrient dense food comes HEALHY SOIL and Management Practices, it doesn’t have to come from a 100 acre farm. I know plenty of farmers who live on 25 or more acres that have Agricultural/Residential zoning, they grow a few acres of fresh vegetables on their land and could be subject to these negative changes if they take place. Residential land is being taken advantage of from farmers who can bring produce to their local markets. These farmers are the ones who have done the research in order to gain the knowledge to bring nutrient dense foods to market. Not all food is created equal, loosing great growers as vendors at farmers markets because they can no longer grow food on their own property is a health threat to communities. Put up a fight for Michigan Farmers ! You can also start your own vegetable garden to be the gardner you always wanted to be. At this point we need as many gardens as possible if we cant to feed ourselves nutrient rich foods.

Nutrient dense foods comes from small family farms


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