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Are you interested in growing healthy produce?

In vegetable production we would rather not see it rain! Is that strange to hear? There is a good chance of it being strange if drench your garden plants with overhead irrigation. We do not want the foliage to get wet! When we foliar feed all we need is a fine mist to quickly buzz over the top of the plants. Happy plants are healthy plants that produce healthy food! So when planning your to start growing vegetables your garden layout must factor in a method to get water without overhead irrigation.

Why grow produce in a high tunnel?

We can help give you an idea to avoid the problems that seem like never ending battles in vegetable production. Rain splashes dirt on the plants and spreads pathogens quickly. We work with many growers who use high tunnel production for the reason of keeping their plants away from the weather elements, many growers comment about improved crop quality and health . After spraying a fungicide, if that fits in your management program you should spray plant foods on the leaf surface to provide protection that the fungicide damaged but inside tunnels you can decrease the chances of needing to spray. So don’t spray to be preventive! It’s like taking antibiotics when your not sick. A tunnel can increase a small farms productive potential and is worth the investment because it does not rain in the tunnels! Since their is no rain drip irrigation is the answer.

Who doesn’t want to be first to market with spring tomatoes?

Water pressure helps can things can still be done if their is no access to a well!

Drip irrigation allows us to plant our crops with the ability to provide uniform drip for water and fertility inputs directly in the root zone. This video shows that drip tape can be pressurized enough to be gravity fed. If the luxury is available to have an irrigation well that works also, just make sure your pressure regulator allows you to not blow up your lines but still provides enough pressure. We have seen growers use single rows and double strips per row, pick your emitter spacing dependent on your crop and let it drip!

We recommend Integrated soil & plant technologies water soluble plant foods through the drip tape

SAVE WATER USE DRIP! Gardeners around the world can make a difference with their garden layout to save water! Growing vegetables takes lots of water, so we need to put it where it counts.