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Why Some Grocers Are Banning Candy in Checkouts- Generation of Change

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Healthy food options can taste great! Not to mention the great benefits you can do for your mind and body!

Retailers in the U.K. are helping parents make it easier for healthy choices while shopping. The U.K. is ahead of the United States with health requirements for their food. For example it is illegal to grow GMO crops in some countries. The change from grocers like Lidl U.K comes from the idea that families shopping together are happier when they expose their children to healthy food choices. Sales performance from the changes have increased and customers are happy. This type of approach will attract families who are interested in feeding their family healthy food. A recent study showed 70 percent preferred to use a “healthy till” when family food shopping. “Tesco and Sainsbury’s, according to the Guardian, have removed sweets from their supermarket checkouts”.

 ” 70 percent of shoppers preferred to use a “healthy till” when family food shopping”.

We are in an industry where consumers can drive demand for products and innovations, healthy food choices need to be taught to children and the only way to make the happen is it demand it! Many sweets and candy contain ingredients that are not healthy for adults, let alone for small children eat. It is nice to see companies making a change for the greater good, we need changes to keep pushing changes like this in America.

People who want to live and expose their children to healthy habits would agree with what Lidl U.K is doing. Positive changes will allow grocers who want to adapt to meet the needs of the health concise shoppers a great opportunity. Retailers who want to attract health concise shoppers can help parents make healthy choices for their children. A retailer doesn’t have to drop the entire candy section but could add healthier products for customers to choose from. Once the data is collected it will be clear how the products are preforming and what direction for product addition and deletion. It is up to us to demand the food on stores shelf!