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Kwazar Sprayers are made to last- Why are they the best sprayers on the market?

Kwazar Sprayers are made to last

We have worked hard to bring experience, education and the highest quality products we can find to the market. We offer a range of products designed to meet a variety of needs and conditions, and we help you select the management program to serve your operation best. We have ample experience with most of the crops grown in the Midwest.

Good fertility levels in our soil helps us weather many challenges more successfully. The better our soil biology is balanced the better its performance and production. We have a line of powerful concentrated products including plant foods, soil inoculants, buffers and surfactants, liquid minerals, and biologicals. The greater the quantity and variety of life growing and feeding in and on soil, the better its fertility. This is where foliar feeding with the Kwazar sprayers plays its role in our program. Kwazar sprayers produce a fine mist that hang in the air and slowly drops down over plants, this cloud is ideal for foliar feeding plants. Foliar feeding with our plant foods can almost immediately increase soil biological activity and can be used as an additional management technique for growing healthy crops.

Kwazar sprayers manufacture the highest quality garden sprayers on the market from hand sprayers to backpack sprayers. We have found through our own trials and tribulations that low quality garden sprayers will not efficiency work in a successful crop production operation. From an economical and sustainable outlook we cannot keep throwing sprayers away after each growing season that are filling landfills. A common scenario we have dealt with in the past is having expensive solutions inside the sprayer and having problems with the garden sprayers not spraying effectively. Our search began for the best garden sprayers and after sometime we found Kwazar garden sprayers and realized they are built with the customer in mind, they produce the finest mist of any sprayer we have worked with on the market.

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Kwazar sprayers give you a chance for an extra reach to hand a cloud 🙂

Every year brings it own challenges and weather complications.  Soilfriends will provide reliable information and management tools to give our customers for positive return on their investment. Yield loss from environmental stress factors can be reduced. Optimum result being less disease infestation and enhanced nutritional and storage quality. Foliar feeding is a critical tool growers can use to manage their crops, Kwazar  garden sprayers do their job by being durable sprayers that are easy to use. Let us help you develop a crop management program that will improve your bottom line.

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