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Foliar Feeding The Dream Vegetable Garden- Garden Soil Creates Flavor

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Horizons for this years big vegetable garden are for a bountiful harvest of nutrient dense foods from the spring through the fall. A healthy vegetable garden will produce higher yields and extend the garden season, if we can manage the vegetable garden them properly through adverse conditions. The weather outlook can change at times for the worst and make one wonder if the garden will be able to swim out alive. We can help our plants by foilar feeding them in stressful situations. When conditions are “to wet ” our garden soil will become anaerobic and biology isn’t working. Below is an example.

“ Plants are transplanted into the field or  vegetable garden, afterwards a week of rainfall and very little sunshine. Plants are looking light green and they don’t seem to be growing”.

The biology in the soil in this condition isn’t working .Think of it as an endless anchor falling from a boat to the depths of the sea. This is how the vegtable garden is feeling. Plants that start our vigorous are the ones who have the largest potential for quality and yield. Lets slow down the rate of the falling anchor and incorporate foilar feeding in our program to get nutrients to our crops and help the soil with the proper nutrient cycling. Once weather conditions become favorable again our vegetable garden will have less anchor to pull up. It is common for foilar feeding to increase crop yields depending on the crop variety and to also give growers a nutritional increase in their crop.

The demand from consumers for locally grown, high quality, and nutrient dense foods is increasing. The flavor from a healthy vegetable garden proves itself, higher brix produce simply contains more nutrients that our bodys crave. We have experience in many instances where individuals did not like the taste of tomatoes but when they found nutrient dense tomatoes, which received foilar feeding in production they ate the tomatoes and enjoyed them. The same is true with children, when exposed to nutrient dense fruits and vegetables they are more likely to enjoy them because the flavor determines desires.

Understanding foilar feeding in a crop production will give growers the ability to manage crops through adverse conditions. For the home gardener this can make our time growing, canning, and freezing more enjoyable to know we gave our crops a chance to receive a nutritional increase.

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