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How to plant fall mums

Taking the proper steps while growing fall mums will encourage the plant to bloom each fall. The mums will bloom in season for the perfect fall home decor.

Some people choose to purchase potted fall mums year after year to give their homes the fall look. Planting mums in the ground before frost will give the roots time to get anchored down and to make it through the winter. Planting earlier in the fall will encourage maximum root development. A root growth stimulant and a high phosphorus plant food will surely give the roots a jolt before winter. After the first frost cut the main stem and leave 6-8 inches, mulch it if you want. In the spring after it has 6 inches of new growth  take a few inches off and second cut has to be completed before july 4.  Be careful not to cut to much of your plant, timing is crucial for cuttings so we can enjoy our colors in time for fall. Keeping mums watered and fed with the proper amount of nutrient will ensure they come back each year.