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Multi Purpose Sprayer For Agriculture

The demand for local and sustainable food is increasing as consumers are interested in food transparency . Being able to establish relationships through farmers markets is a great way for farmers to connect with their customers to meet their desires. As a customer at a farmers market you can influence the variety of crops the farmer grows and the methods they use to farm.

Food can be a consumer driven industry  but it is important for consumers to understand what it is they are shopping for. Farmers will adapt to demand because they want to sell product and stay in business, but not all farmers will change their ways. It is important that consumers continue to shop around the farmers market in search for the farmers who meet their needs and correspond with the values they have.

As farmers we have been encouraged by our own customers at farmers markets to grow certain varieties and give our customers what they want. We work hard to put everything together to raise our produce and bring it to market year after year, but it can only take one time that measures are not taken for proper food safety to put a hard working farmer out of business.  Proper sanitation practices in packaging rooms must be used each time before packaging produce.

Once the produce has been sold from the farmers market it is important on a consumer level that food safety issues are understood. No matter how hard a farmer works to prevent food contamination before market things can happen in our own kitchen. Clean surface areas before cutting produce and avoiding cross contamination are good starting points to keep our families. Soilfriends garden sprayers from kwazar are made to last.