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Consumers drive demand for cancer fighting foods

Our best quest to find true health starts with the question “what can I do for myself”? Through experience and research with nutrient dense foods it obvious that the foods we consume are our therapy. Mother nature created an environment for our people to take care of themselves and when it comes to a creating a healthy diet, it is nothing more complicated than incorporating nutrient dense fruits and vegetables into our diet. Being in the Agriculture business make sure you grow food or buy food from farmers who promote soil life. Farmers who promote soil life are the source for the best foods in the world. These farmers work to build their soil with biological soil programs to ensure the food is nutritious.

Diet plays a huge role in creating the environment for cancers. Foods that we consume can block the blood supply to cancers before they get started. We can play the prevention card and pair different anti- angiogenesis foods and create ” food synergy” for beating cancer at its own game.

Research indicated that anti-angiogenesis foods will not give cancer an environment to grow in. It is important to understand what foods have the strongest cancer prevention traits, grapes, parsley, garlic and berries are some ideas to start with. Instead of agriculture having negative effects on health and the environment, agriculture can be changed by people who demand nutrient dense foods while keeping the environment clean. Agriculture does not need to be like chemical warfare.

It is important to know that not all food is created equally with comparisons being 1000 times more nutritional than others. High quality fruits and vegetables come from healthy plants that are managed properly. It is important to select farmers who have a focus on producing nutrient dense crops rather than just a shiny product on the shelf. Agriculture does not grade food today for the nutrient content but rather just the appearance.

Trying different foods from different growers will allow your taste buds to do the talking. Not all soils are balanced the same, growers who have more attention to detail with fertility practices should be the farmers that are searched for at the farmers market. Their food will taste better and have longer storage ability. Nutrient dense foods weight more and typically will dehydrate before they rot.