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Starting A Vegetable Garden

We wanted to share this video to pass on the information from Jonathan Foley, he shows how desperately we need to begin “terraculture” — farming for the whole planet. Growing up in Michigan I could not imagine water from the great lakes disappearing but the fact is things like this are happening all over the world. The colorado river is being drained from agriculture, this river no longer flows to the ocean. Our dominance on this planet is showing that we need to freeze the footprint of agriculture without further harming our environment. Demanding local foods and supporting farmers who are interested in doing the right thing is the way to change the world.

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The world uses 60 times the amount of the land to grow food than the entire world population takes up. We need to take a world wide approach to increase the efficiency of food production on the land we currently use instead of expanding operations. If we create biological soil programs with properly balanced soils we can receive maximum yields of quality food in small areas. The future of agriculture depends on changes that need to be made to save our environment. Agriculture is the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses from human activity in the world.

We encourage growers and gardeners to farm with the mindset of building soils to reduce inputs year after year and saving resources by using drip irrigation. A vegetable garden layout can make work more efficient and effective, that why most growers and gardeners start developing a plan months ahead of time before growing vegetables. A good garden layout can save energy and resources! You can have the garden of your dreams from and it starts by learning about  Terra-culture. Growing vegetables this way can be accomplished by using biological soil programs to produce food on mineralized soils. Management practices that focus on fertility can use foliar feeding with Kwazar sprayers to increase the biological activity in the soil to help the plant with nutrient uptake. Soilfriends has found when foliar feeding with a fine mist that Kwazar garden sprayers have a uniform mist. Healthy plants have higher yields of nutrient dense foods. Soilfriends focus on building soil health in order to increase yields and protect biodiversity. Starting a vegetable garden is a step in the right direction if you desire nutrient dense foods on your table.

One step at a time!