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Why is ecological farming a growing success?

We believe that when it comes to growing crops Mother Nature is in control of production, its always a good idea to mimic her as much as possible in order to reap rewards from the efforts we put into growing. A great way have a successful garden is to start with an ecological approach of growing. It does take time but over time we can build for a feature where pieces of the puzzle will come together creating independent crop systems that require less input year after year.

Plants growing in a healthy soil system send signals into their environment, alerting other crops if something that will effect them is near in order for them to be alert to ward these predators out. Healthy plants will destroy bugs, often times you will notice in integrated pest management systems growers will have satellite images of heat zones, this system identifies plants that are not healthy and vigorous for scouts to keep a visual eye on because these zones are more susceptible. Plants with high sugar content will not be attacked by bugs because they cannot properly metabolize sugars.

Some of the cropping systems taking place currently have more inputs going into them than outputs, this is a negative system that does not make even basic economic sense. In many other countries food  large scale monocultures are not an option because land is scare, but somehow they are feeding themselves on smaller sized operations. This is where ecological farming also know as biological farming can create a successful growing operation for farmers of all size because the end result is building healthy soils that will require less inputs each year. YES, even if you have a small garden your a farmer that has the ability to build your soil. A healthy soils system can eliminate the use of fungicides and insecticides because healthy plants are less susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

Each year a grower spends developing a biological soil system an army of friends in the soil will be multiplying. This ecological approach will let mother nature yield a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables for a family to harvest, while achieving  many things in the soil like increased air infiltration, a soil that is not getting proper oxygen will not having working soil biology. Along with this comes increased water and nutrient holding capacity to battle challenges with drought, as well with advantages of being able to work a soil earlier in the spring if soil biological conditions are balanced with the correct conditions. Creating the right conditions for ecological farming can reduce many of the challenges that are faced when growing crops, the key to success is to start and keep going forward. This video is long but does have some great information in order to gain a further look into soil biology.