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Does Foliar Feeding Work?- How To Get A Return On Your Investment

Effective foliar sprays must have a fine mist so the minerals can be absorbed through the leaves

We teach that foliar feeding with our products always improves nutrition of the crop, and if calcium levels in the soil are good, there is an excellent chance you will also see a yield increase. We received many phone calls from customers reporting that while their foliar fed hay did show a increase in yield, the major benefit was how well it preformed as feed for their livestock. The animals ate less per day, saving the farmer money, and their animals maintained their health and weight.

Why do foliar fed crops respond well with our program? The N-P-K is similar to what you would find in any other foliar fertilizer, but the difference is from all the other nutritional supplements that are packed into our plant foods. It is like health food for your crops because they feature a trace mineral package that includes magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, plus organic acids and vitamins.

Kwazar sprayers are perfect for fault free spraying to get the job done

One way to save a crop under stressful weather conditions can be done by foliar feeding. Look for pale green foliage, which is a good sign of stress, and you can bet you are loosing yield and nutritional value. Plants that start out vigorously, especially in vegetable production are the plants that pay a farmers bills. Mother nature is control, we know that and we except that but we have found ways to lessen the damage that wet springs can have on our crops. The feeling after working hard to plant vegetable transplants in the fields and a week on little sunshine and rain is not optimal for starting vigorous plants but foliar feeding can help overcome these challenges.

Foliar feeding gives farmers a management advantage by being able to manipulate the plants sap. We are always battling challenges from vegetative and fruiting.  Vegetative is associated with nitrogen and fruiting associated with mineral. A plant that grows in a vegetative mode without setting enough fruit will not be profitable, unless you are growing grass. We teach growers to think like they have their hands on a steering wheel of a car, they can make a decision on which way they want to go and how aggressive they need to move the steering wheel in order to get where they want. This steering wheel example is used to teach growers the same is true with foliar feeding. Plants will naturally grow, set blossoms, and grow again in this cycle. When following the growth rate of plants and using certain ingredients in foliar sprays can make the sprays more effective. We have seen great results with foliar feeding with a fine mist over the tops of plants with the Kwazar pressure sprayers.

Kwazar sprayers create a cloud over the plants that will set on top of the plants