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How to Start Seeds in Rockwool- Start Growing Tomatoes for your Vegetable Garden

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This time of year most of us are excited for spring and ready to spend some time outside in the garden. Garden ideas are best planned ahead of the growing season, the garden ideas we come up with now for an indoor garden will allow us to get a early start on the gardening season. If you want a jump start on your garden this year you can start now by growing an indoor garden. Make sure the environment for your indoor garden is insulated with proper air ventilation. Using rockwool cubes as a medium for starting seeds in a indoor garden can work great from germination through harvest, or can serve as a way to get plants started so they will be larger when the time comes to plant outside.

It is important when growing tomatoes in a container gardening operation to maintain proper temperatures for fruit set development and most importantly to have the proper lighting conditions.  When growing a indoor garden, high quality lights are needed for a growing healthy and productive plants. Have you ever noticed  growing tomatoes with low quality lights results in stretchy plants. It is common for growers to start their seeds in heated greenhouses or inside a dark germination room then moving the plants directly under artificial lighting after the seeds have germinated.Working with small humidity domes and a heating pads will increase the germination rate, growers need to be aware that pads with no control pads can get the tray to hot causing seeds to not germinate. As your plants grow they will require a larger medium. Small rockwool cubes can be purchased for germination and fit into a 72 count tray.When growing tomatoes the seeds need to germinate around 90 degrees but not to exceed much over 90 degrees. Soaking the rockwool in water with the correct pH around 5.5-5.7 for at least 30 minuets before planting seeds, will give the medium enough moisture to get a start on germinating the seeds. The rockwool must remain moist over the period of time the seeds are germinating.

If your growing heirloom tomatoes in your vegetable garden heirloom, keep in mind that heirloom tomatoes are indeterminate meaning they will grow in height until they are finished. The germination process of heirloom seeds is critical because we do not want stretchy plants. Organic farming operations do not pay bills from growing plant material, fruit is what pays the bills.  Container gardening can yield healthy food before most local produce is ready for market, this gives organic farmers a chance at a profitable early market. While those who use container gardening on their patio can benefit from having fresh produce earlier in the season. Container Gardening is popular for growing tomatoes across the country for gardeners and commercial growers.