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What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is as fresh as it gets, straight from the cow’s udder to the bottle, to the fridge! It is also known as ‘unpasteurized’, which means it does not undergo ‘pasteurization’, a brief process of heating to 161 degrees to kill any germs that may exist in the milk, including beneficial probiotics. There are additional negative consequences of the pasteurization process.. from

“Besides destroying part of the vitamin C contained in raw milk and encouraging growth of harmful bacteria, pasteurization turns the sugar of milk, known as lactose, into beta-lactose — which is far more soluble and therefore more rapidly absorbed in the system, with the result that the child soon becomes hungry again.

Probably pasteurization’s worst offence is that it makes insoluble the major part of the calcium contained in raw milk. This frequently leads to rickets, bad teeth, and nervous troubles, for sufficient calcium content is vital to children; and with the loss of phosphorus also associated with calcium, bone and brain formation suffer serious setbacks.

Pasteurization also destroys 20 percent of the iodine present in raw milk, causes constipation and generally takes from the milk its most vital qualities.”

But.. isn’t Raw Milk Dangerous?

Pasteurization does play an important role in eliminating dangerous germs from milk, if you need absolute peace of mind, raw milk may not be for you. However, the risk of contamination can be greatly reduced by ensuring a sterile milking process. Your safety is our absolute first concern, but providing nutrition is a close second! By avoiding contamination we can greatly minimize risks and provide you with a truly whole, nutrient-dense farm-fresh food source.

What’s in Raw Milk?

From Dr. Josh Axe:

Health Benefits of Raw Milk

With all of these fortifying nutrients, it’s not surprising that the list of health benefits of Raw Milk is so extensive:

Kefir: Pro Probiotics

Looking to squeeze all of the Probiotic advantages from your raw milk? We recommend trying Kefir! Kefir is a milk drink made with a specific grain and fermented, which in the process, makes the dairy easier to digest. For more information, see this page:

Farm-fresh Raw Milk Shares

We are now excited to offer raw milk shares and further improve our farm-fresh offering to the community. Contact us for details!